Because Focus Is Important.

We are specialized in the planning and development of process and and bulk materials handling plants and systems.

Our portfolio ranges from targeted support of their design to independent planning of turnkey plants.

For the creation of our planning documents, we use the latest 2D & 3D systems from Autodesk. As well as our in-house 3D laser scanner for the digitization of the plant inventory.

It's the details that matter!

We know how important 2° more or less can be or the additional 300 mm of installation space for proper removal and maintenance of the fan.

Countless projects, from planning a new chute to complex process engineering plants, as well as the subsequent practical implementation, have sharpened our eye for details.

You as our customer benefit from this experience and get the best possible solutions for your projects!

Our Range Of Services In The Field Of Planning:​


Plant design ​

We plan your conversion/new building in detail and prepare all the necessary planning documents and drawings.


Piping design ​​

In addition to the planning of pipelines and routes. We also create the corresponding isometric drawings and parts lists for the construction and installation of the pipelines.​​


Reverse engineering ​

Based on the provided 3D laser scan data we create new production drawings for machine and machine and plant components such as: chutes, piping, ....​


Process engineering ​

Our spectrum ranges from the creation of a simple single-line P&ID up to for complex process engineering flow diagrams. This also includes the creation of detailed equipment and consumer lists. As well as the process engineering design of the required components.​


Digitization of Existing plants ​​

Based on the point clouds captured by a laser scanner, we create customer-specific 3D CAD models. You can provide us with your scan data or alternatively use our 3d scan service for the acquisition of your data. ​​


Construction & Development ​​

We develop and design new machines together with you or modifications of existing plants. Our portfolio ranges from the construction of a simple steel constructions up to complex machines and plants.​​


Construction and Planning support ​​

We support your design or planning department with our personnel. This can be done in-house or also externally by the processing of defined Design planning packages can be made.​​​

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