Bulk-handling engineering only – because focus is important.

Our team is specialized in 2D (Autodesk Autocad) and 3D (Autodesk Inventor) engineering for bulk handling machines and bulk handling systems. We can assist your in-house engineers with ongoing projects, or deliver engineering turnkey solutions.


Sharpened eyes for details

We know how important 2° more or less can be at a transfer chute, or this extra 300 mm to have enough space for removing the fan properly.

Hundreds of engineering projects from small to large scale including the detailed feedback from installation and commissioning have sharpened our eyes for details.

Our clients benefit from this experience by receiving a state-of-the-art engineering for their bulk-handling project.

No project too small, no challenge too big.

Since the Corona pandemic started beginning of 2020 many businesses started to work with their teams remotely and learned about the advantages and challenges of it.

We are working since 2008 with a part of our team of international engineering experts sucessfully remotely. We have developed an online collaboration- and data management system that allows our engineers to split workpackages while keeping full control about the deliverables.

What is the benefit for our clients? We can scale the team working on the project exactly as per the requirements of the project stage. This allows us to deliver in time at competetive rates.

You want to kickstart your project.

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